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Flat Howe (Glaisdale High Moor)

Round Barrow


Flat Howe (Glaisdale High Moor) is a sizable round barrow, complete with some signs of the surrounding ditch. Flat Howe is a scheduled ancient monument. It has a diameter of 21m and is about 1.8m high. It has unusually steep sides, at around 45 degrees, apart from on the eastern side where there has been some collapse or erosion. There is a slight dip on the centre of the barrow. Most barrows were surrounded by ditches, but in many cases they have entirely filled in. At Flat Howe the remains of a 2m wide ditch is still visible.

Flat Howe is unusual in that it is sited a little away from the skyline when seen from below, so although the views from the howe are impressive, it isn’t that visible from below. The barrow is easy to visit, sitting just to the west of the road from Rosedale to Lealholm, on the eastern slopes of Glaisdale High Moor.

There are other signs of pre-historic life in the area, including flint chippings found in the area to the east.


Grid Reference: NZ738010