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River Dove



The River Dove is the river of Farndale, running along the full length of that valley, from its source on the high moors in the north to the narrow southern exit, a distance of some six and a half miles.

The Dove is best known for its wild daffodils, which bring larges numbers of visitors to Farndale in the spring (late March to early April in most years). During this season extra parking is provided and tea rooms open. There are sometimes traffic restrictions to control the flow of traffic in and out of the valley.

Surprise View GillamoorFurther downstream the river passes through a narrow valley as it leaves Farndale, emerging into a wider area at Lowna. At this point the river flows below Gillamoor, and its valley is an important part of the Gillamoor 'surprise view'. The valley then closes up again and the river flows through the narrow steep sided tree lined Douthwaite Dale, which cuts its way through the Tabular Hills. After this last scenic burst the river leaves the Moors and flows south for a short distance before flowing into the Rye.

The Dove isn't that well served by footpaths. The best stretch is the famous daffodil walk above Low Mill. There are paths close to the river just north of Lowna and again in parts of Douthwaite Dale, but the northern part of the river is pathless as is the stretch south of Low Mill.


The River Dove rises at the north-western tip of Farndale. The upper reaches of the river are called Wares Gill and unusually the Dove continues on in the same direction as Wares Gill, and the change of name doesn't mark the junction between two named streams.


The Dove flows south through Farndale. The hills then close up around it at the mouth of the dale, opening up breiefly before closing in again in Douthwaite Dale. The river then runs south out of the moors and flows into the Rye.

Named Tributaries

Wares Gill
Gill Beck
Gill Dike
Oak Beck
Long Lays Gill
Fish Beck
Stonehouse Gills
West Gill Beck
Lapa Green Dike
Harland Beck
Shortsha Beck
Hodge Beck/ Howkeld Gill
Carr Dike