Printable version of walk SE 4699/01 Codbeck Reservoir

This short walk takes us around the edge of Codbeck Reservoir, north of Osmotherley and is a pleasant walk through the woods that surround this lake.

Ascent: 70ft/ 20m
Length: 1.75 miles/ 2.8km
Map: Explorer 026 North York Moors West
Last Walked: 6 November 2005, parts checked 2007

There are a number of car parks along the side of Cod Beck just to the north of the reservoir. Start at any one of these.

1 (SE 469 993)
From any of the car parks follow the paths that run down the west side of Cod Beck, heading to the reservoir. At the northern tip of the lake pass through a gate that leads into the woods around the reservoir,, and follow the path the runs down the western bank.
2 (SE 462 985)
At the bottom end of the reservoir turn left and walk across the top of the dam itself to the far side.
3 (SE 463 984)
On the OS maps the path on the far side of the reservoir is shown as being a little way into the trees. However, it is also possible to turn left at the end of the dam, and cut across the picnic area, joining the main path a little further up the eastern side of the reservoir.
4 (SE 468 991)

There are two possible routes to take at the northern edge of the reservoir. The easiest follows the eastern bank of Cod Beck, reaching a bridge at the far end of the line of car parks. The only potential problem on this route is caused by a landslide on the side of the beck, but on my last visit there was an easy path across the bottom of this obstacle (not shown on this picture).

If you would like a slightly more strenuous end to the walk, then turn right at the northern edge of the trees, and follow the path that climbs up the side of the moors, with the trees to your right. At the end of the trees this path joins a track. Turn left onto this track and follow it back to that same bridge across the beck.