SE5599/01: Cold Moor

Cold Moor is one of the Cleveland Hills. From the north it looks to be one of the smaller hills, just a minor interruption between Cringle Moor and Hasty Bank, but what we see from the north is actually only the northern edge of a ridge that runs south for over a mile, forming the boundary between Bilsdale and Raisdale. This walk climbs up onto Cold Moor from Chop Gate, runs along the top of the ridge, with spectacular views across the heart of the moors, before returning to Chop Gate along the eastern flank of the hill, with great views down Bilsdale.

Park in the car park at the southern end of Chop Gate..

Ascent: 1070 feet/ 326 m
Length: 6 miles/ 10 km
Map: OS Explorer Map OL 26
Last Walked: 17 February 2007

1: SE 559 993
From the car park head north (up the slope) along the main road, into Chop Gate.
2: SE 559 997
Just past the school in Chop Gate, a side road leaves to the left. Turn onto this road, but then immediately turn right onto a track that runs past Chop Gate's chapel. This track turns into a sunken lane, climbing up the southern end of Cold Moor. Be warned, this track can be quite muddy.
3: NZ 555 005
The sunken lane ends at the edge of the open moors. Follow the path straight ahead as it climbs up onto the side of Cold Moor. Our path climbs gently up the right hand flank of the moor, passing just above a small plantation on its way. After a short distance the path becomes a track, which climbs up to the ridge above.
4: NZ 552 016
The track reaches the ridge of Cold Moor and continues along the top of the ridge until it joins the Cleveland Way at its northern end. At the southern end of the ridge it passes between several pre-historic earthworks.
5: NZ 550 034
At the junction with the Cleveland Way, turn right. The path descends rapidly into Garfit Gap. Ahead of you are the wainstones on Hasty Bank, well worth a visit if you have the time.
6: NZ 555 034
The turn right comes somewhat sooner that expected. At the base of the path down Cold Moor, we pass through a gateway. Within 200 feet we will reach a signpost that marks a crossroads in the path. Turn right onto a path that runs along the eastern flank of Cold Moor. At first it is a little indistinct, but it soon becomes clearer. Follow the footpath signs as the path continues south along the flank of Cold Moor.
7: NZ 560 023
After passing though a small parcel of woodland, the path cuts diagonally across two fields and joins a farm track. Follow this track south along the flank of the hill. Pass to the left of a farm. The path continues level along the side of the hill, passing to the left of a second farm. Follow the line of the fence around this farm, joining a farm track just past the farm.
8: NZ 560 015
We only follow this track for a short distance before crossing over a style on the right. Once across the style, follow a groove that runs through the next field. This groove soon becomes a more obvious track that follows the curve of the hillside, crossing a couple of streams before reaching another farm. Ignore the track that leads down the hill side from this farm, and instead follow the footpath (clearly signposted) that runs south through the farmyard.
9: NZ 558 008
In the next field turn left into a lane lined with gorse bushes. The line of the lane remains clear, but somewhat swampy. Follow it through this next field, then turn right into the next farm. This time follow the farm track back down to the main road. At the road, turn right and follow the road back through Chop Gate to the car park.