NZ 9801/02: South from Ravenscar

This walk takes advantage of two good walking routes that meet at Ravenscar, the old railway along the coast and the Cleveland Way. Here we follow the railway south from Ravenscar to Hayburn Wyke, before returning along the cliff tops on the Cleveland Way.

Ascent:1,000ft/ 300m
Length: 8 miles/ 13km
Map: Explorer 027 North York Moors East
Last Walked: 4 July 2004

It is possible to park on the main road in Ravenscar, with views across to Robin Hood's Bay, or in the station car park. For the purposes of this write-up, we will start at the roadside parking in Ravenscar.

1 (NZ 980 016)
From the roadside parking head north along the road, heading towards the sea. Follow the public road as it turns right onto Station Road, and head along this road until reaching the old station.
2 (NZ 985 012)
Turn right into the station car park. The track of the coastal railway is now directly in front of us. Turn left onto the railway, and follow it south as it winds its way through the countryside.
3 (TA 007 968)
There are a number of signs that we are reaching the point where we leave the railway. First we pass under only the second active road bridge on this stretch of railway (the first having been just after we left Ravenscar). Next we cross over the valley of Hayburn Beck, a steep sided wooded valley that crosses the railway almost at right angles. Finally, the Hayburn Wyke Inn comes into sight to the left. Just past the inn, a bridge crosses the railway, carrying the road to the inn. Climb up to this bridge and follow the road towards the hotel.
4 (TA 008 967)
Almost immediately after crossing the railway, this road turns sharply left towards the inn, while another track heads to the right. Turn right onto this second track. Follow this track south east for a short distance, then turn left onto the first signposted footpath. This leads into the woods above Hayburn Wyke, where it meets the Cleveland Way. Follow the Cleveland Way in the same north easterly direction until it reaches the sea at Hayburn Wyke.
5 (TA 009 969)
From here the route back to Ravenscar is very simple. Take the Cleveland Way as it climbs back up onto the cliffs from Hayburn Wyke, and follow it as it runs north along the cliff top back to Ravenscar. Stay on the Cleveland Way all the way back to the main road in Ravenscar.