NZ5712/01 Roseberry Topping from Newton under Roseberry

This is one of the classic short walks of the North York Moors, taking us to the peak of Roseberry Topping from the village of Newton under Roseberry. To give our walk a bit of variety, we return by dropping down into Roseberry Common, the gap between the topping and the rest of the moors, and then by skirting around the northern flanks of the hill.

This walk starts from the car park at the southern edge of Newton under Roseberry.

Ascent: 676ft/ 200m
Length: 2.2 miles/ 3.5km
Map: OS Explorer Map OL 26
Last Walked: 4 November 2008

1 (NZ 570 128)
Just to the north of the car park is Roseberry Lane. A path leaves the north eastern corner of the car park, joining this lane. Follow this path and turn right onto Roseberry Lane. Follow it as it runs east, heading straight for the woods at the base of Roseberry Topping. Pass through the gate at the end of the lane, and enter the trees.
2 (NZ 576 128)
In theory our route runs straight through the trees, before joining the path that climbs up around the southern flank of Roseberry Topping. However this path runs straight up a steep and badly eroded slope, so it is easier to bypass it to the left. Take the path that turns to the left just inside the trees and follow it to the northern edge of the woods. Here we join a path that follows the eastern edge of the trees, climbing up around the western and southern flanks of Roseberry Topping. Turn right onto this path and follow it as it climbs up anti-clockwise around the hill.
3 (NZ 576 126)
As the path emerges out of the trees, it swings sharply to the left and begins to climb up the western flank of the hill, aiming just to the left of the famous cliff face below the summit. Follow this very obvious path all the way to the top of the hill.
4 (NZ 579 126)

The path passes to the left of the crags and reaches the summit ridge north east of the highest ground. A brief scramble brings us onto the small summit ridge. Turn right and head up towards the summit area. Enjoy the view, but be careful of the very sudden drop into the old quarry.

From the summit, head east along the ridge, towards the main body of the moors. Follow the route of the Cleveland Way as it descends down the eastern flank of the Topping on a long flight of stairs.

5 (NZ 583 126)
We follow this path all the way to the lowest point on the gap between Roseberry Topping and the rest of the Moors. Here a number of paths come together, one from the right and three from the left. Take the middle one of the paths to the left, leaving the Cleveland Way at 90 degrees, heading almost due north.
6 (NZ 583 128)
After 500 feet on this path we reach a crossroads. Turn left onto the path that curves around the northern slopes of Roseberry Topping.
7 (NZ 581 129)
We follow this path for just over 600 feet, as it runs around the top of a valley that runs off to the north. We then reach a junction in the path. Both branches lead to the same place. The left hand branch follows Brand Gate, running higher across the slopes of the Topping, while the right hand branch curves around to the north, before running along the top of Rye Banks. Either path takes us to the edge of those woodlands on the western slope of the Topping, so take your pick! On my last visit we chose the lower path.
8 (NZ 574 128)

If you chose the upper path along Brand Gate, then you will rejoin the path we used to climb around the southern flanks of Roseberry Topping. Turn right onto this path, and then retrace your steps through the trees and back to Roseberry Lane.

If you chose the lower path, around Rye Banks, then this leads to a track that runs to the west of the woods around Roseberry Topping. Follow this lane until it reaches Roseberry Lane, and then return to the car park.