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Books and Maps

This section will contain our book and map shop. We will be starting with the Ordnance Survey maps of the moors, in some ways the best reading anyone can have about the area.

North York Moors: Eastern Area (Explorer Maps)

North York Moors: Western Area (Explorer Maps)

North York Moors Walks (Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Guides), Brian Conduit

North York Moors (Jarrold Short Walks Guides)

North York Moors (Ordnance Survey/AA Leisure Guides)

A Prospect of the North York Moors, Harry Mead. This is a collection of 49 short articles on different aspects of the life of the North York Moors, ranging from biographies of famous individuals who made their mark on the moors, through short histories of some of the best known pubs on the moors all the way to five articles on the Abbeys that surround the moors. This is an unusual book, an entertaining read and provides an insight in to the moors that few other books can match.

Inside the North York Moors, Harry Mead. This is the prequel to A Prospect of the North York Moors and contained fifty five short pieces in the same style as the later book.