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Landscape Features

Although they are dominated by the heather moors, the Yorkshire Moors contain waterfalls, lakes, gorges, isolated hills and cliff-faces. In this section we will produce a series of guides to these landscape features, picking out my personal favourites. We started with the isolated hills

Rivers of the Moors A surprisingly small number of rivers flow through the Moors. Here we look at the eight rivers to be found in the national park.

The Tabular Hills is the name given to the hills on the southern boundary of the North York Moors, and refers to their flat tabular summits, seperated by steep sided valleys.

The Moors has one concentration of waterfalls, in the streams around Goathland.

The Moors are cut into by dozens of Dales, varying is size from lengthy Esk Dale in the north to some truly tiny valleys in the southern part of the park.