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Waterfalls of the North York Moors

The Moors are not known for their waterfalls, but there is one small concentration of named falls, in the streams around Goathland.

Mallyan Spout

Mallyan Spout is the best known of the Goathland waterfalls, and can be reached along a good footpath that starts at the south-western end of the village, running between hotels across fields before dropping down into the valley of West Beck. Turn left here and follow the path as it runs up the wooded gorge of the beck to reach the Spout, which drops down into West Beck from the east.

Mallyan Spout itself is a tall but narrow waterfall, and can easily be approached, right up to the base of the falls.

We have a walk that visits Mallyan Spout

Nelly Ayre Foss

Nelly Ayre FossThis is my favourite of the falls, not least because it isn't that easy to reach. Head south-west out of Goathland towards New Wath Farm. Just before the farm the road turns through a U-bend. Leave it on a path that runs south (left). This path continues south, with open moors to the left and some fields to the right. Eventually the fields end, and at this point the path splits. Take the right-hand turn, which heads along the side of the last field towards the valley of West Beck. There are now two routes down to the falls. If you don't mind a scramble then turn right to follow a path that runs around the third (western) side of the field, then scramble down the bank to the falls. Otherwise follow the path that gently cuts down the slope to the left to reach the beck, then turn back right and head down-stream towards the waterfall. This route takes us onto the bed of the stream at some points, so may not be passable after heavy rain.

Nelly Ayre Foss is a wider but shorter fall than Mallyan Spout.

Our walk to the Wheeldale Roman Road visits Nelly Ayre Foss

Thomason Foss

Thomason Foss is best approached from the tiny village of Beck Hole, following a footpath that runs up the the northern bank of Eller Beck, running up a steeply sided valley with the North York Moors railway running along the hill to the left.

Our walk to Mallyan Spout visits Beck Hole.