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Danby Beacon

Round Barrow


Beacon Hill, east of Danby, has been an important location for thousands of years. During the Second World War it was the site of the Danby Beacon Chain Home radar station. In the Middle Ages it was the site of a warning beacon (reused in recent times to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the defeat of the Spanish Armada).

Beacon Hill is also covered with pre-historical monuments. To the east is Brown Rigg Howe, a bowl barrow and to the north-west is Nean Howe, a round barrow. 

The summit of Beacon Hill contained two barrows, of which one is still visible. The surviving barrow is a Bronze Age round barrow, with a 22m diameter and up to 2.5m high, making it the largest of the group. It was built of stone with an earth covering, and to the south some of the stones have been exposed.

The second barrow was a little further east, and was destroyed during the Second World War.


Grid Reference: NZ 736 092