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St. Andrew's Church, Upleatham



St. Andrew's Church, Upleatham, was built in the Norman style in 1835, replacing an older church to the south-east of the village.

Part of the older church still survives - the western tower is intact, part of the west end is still intact and fragments exist further east. The surviving portion has been enclosed by a newer wall, creating an 18ft by 18ft 9in room.

The new church was built in 1835. It is a simple rectangular church, with a square tower at the western end and an altar recess as the eastern end. The tower has the west door at its base, a single window on the next level and a series of windows around the upper level. These each contain two small windows with rounded tops, contained within a larger recess, also with a rounded top. The vestry is on the northern side of the tower.

The oldest feature of the church is its rectangular font, which dates to the 12th century and came from the older church. Each corner has a decorated shaft, while each side is carved.


NZ 632 194 is the modern church, on the north-western edge of the village.

NZ 637 193 at the south-eastern corner of village is the ruined church of St Andrew