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SE 5391/01 Ladhill Gill

Map for walk around Ladhill GillThis walk takes us in an unusual direction from its starting point at the northern end of Hawnby Hill, ignoring that obvious target and instead exploring the upper reaches of the valley of Ladhill Beck, which runs between Hawnby Hill and Easterside Hill. The walk takes us across the very pretty valley of Ladhill Gill before heading out onto the open moors, with sweeping views west towards Great Arden Moor and Black Hambleton, as well as south towards the twin hills.

Ascent: 450ft
Length: 3.7 miles
Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer Map OL26
Last Walked: October 2010
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We start from the small parking area just to the north of Hawnby Hill, just to the north of the point where the road crosses over a cattle grid.

1 (SE 539 916)
Two tracks leave our starting point - the left hand track climbs up Sunley Slack while the right-hand track heads down towards Ladhill Gill. Take the right-hand track and follow it across the open moorland, with Hawnby and Easterside Hills to the right.
2 (SE 544 918)
BanniscueAfter running across the open moor the track reaches the edge of the walled fields that line that line Ladhill Beck. At this point the footpath has been diverted. Instead of running right past Sportsman's Hall, the path now runs north alongside the wall for a short distance, before cutting across a number of fields and dropping down to the beck. This section of path is very well way marked, so follow the footpath arrows until you reach the bridge.
3 (SE 547 919)
Cattle in Ladhill GillCross over the bridge, then follow the signposted footpath as it turns right, and runs down the stream for short distance. The path then turns left, passes through a gate, and climbs up across a field.
4 (SE 548 917)
This path brings us up to a track running from right-to-left across the hillside. At this point we leave the way marked footpath, which crosses the track, and instead turn left and follow the track (which is itself a right of way) as it climbs gently across the field. After a short distance the track splits in two - take the smaller right-hand branch and follow it as it continues to head north and climb up the hillside, eventually running next to the wall at the top of the hill. Towards the northern end of the field our path passes through this wall, and continues on across the open moors.
5 (SE 554 925)
Sunset over Hawnby Hill About a quarter of a mile after passing through the wall a minor but clear track branches off to the left (at this point another stone wall should just about be visible ahead and to the right, while a yellow line runs across the horizon ahead and to the left). Turn left onto this track and follow it as it runs north-west across the moors.
6 (SE 551 930)
Yellow Track on Shaw SideAs we head along this track it becomes clear that the yellow line is actually a well made sandy track that runs across the moors. When our track joins the yellow sandy road turn left and follow it as it runs down into the valley.
7 (SE 549 936)
The yellow track eventually drops down to the valley bottom and crosses Ladhill Beck. Cross the stream here and follow the track as it climbs back out of the valley, running close to a stone wall before climbing up onto the ridge that runs back down to our starting point.
8 (SE 545 935)
Hawnby Hill seen from Sunley SlackOur track merges with a second track towards the top of the climb out of the valley - continue on in the same direction along this track (technically this is a left turn at a T-junction but it doesn't really feel like that). Follow this track as it runs south along the ridge back to our starting point.