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River Riccal



River RiccalThe River Riccal spends half of its life in the North York Moors, running through a narrow wooded valley and the other half on the flat land south-east of Helmsley.

A public right of way runs along a track through the woods on the west bank of the river, running all the way from the A 170 in the south to the source of the river. The upper reaches of the river can also be seen from a car park and view point on a minor road that runs from Helmsley to the village of Carlton and then on into Bransdale.


The Riccal is formed when Cowhouse Beck and Bonfield Beck meet, at the northern edge of the Tabular Hills north-east of Helmsley


Source of the River RiccalThe river flows south through Riccal Dale. After leaving the Moors it turns towards the east and runs almost parallel to the Rye for some time before flowing into the Rye just upstream of the Dove. Because the Riccal spends most of its course running thorugh a steep sided valley it lacks any sizable tributaries until emerging from the Moors.

Named Tributaries

Cowhouse Beck/ Bonfield Beck
Middle Ings Dike (outside National Park)
Walmouth Beck
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